College is Killing Me!

College may be leading me to a slow, slow death! Well, this year anyway. I always take Summer courses but this year, my dumb ass decided to take a Maymester course. So that means after Spring semester was over, I had one week to rest and then back to school for 3 weeks. By the way, during those 3 weeks, I had class every day (Monday through Friday) for 3 hours and a project due every day. Then I had another one-week break and back to school for Summer. I can’t wait for Summer semester to be over so I can have a month to rest before Fall semester. I will never do Maymester again!

I am beyond tired 24/7. I’m getting migraines almost daily. I just want to relax for 2 weeks with nothing to do. It’s not all bad. I actually really like my Marketing class. It’s the first class I’ve taken that is directly related to one of my majors (I’m a Marketing & Finance major).

Anyway, sorry to end this post so suddenly but class is starting! BYE!!