The Legacy of the Procrastinators

Hello, my name is SB and I’m a procrastinator. I come from a long line of procrastinators.


My grandma procrastinates whenever it comes to go somewhere. She’s never on time for ANYTHING! She’s in the choir at church and they have practice a few times a week. Normally practice is around 7. She will get dressed and ready, makeup and everything, and be walking out the door. Then she’ll ask what time it is.

“It’s 6:50,” someone will reply.

“Oh, I’m early!” she’ll exclaim and go back to her room and watch TV.

“Grandma, you realize it takes time to drive there?”

She won’t respond or look at me. When she doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying, she just pretends your not there.

SCATTERBRAINED SIDEBAR: Apparently, when my mom was younger & she didn’t want to hear what my grandpa was saying, she would start singer gospel songs really loud while he tried to talk. He hated it.

Okay, back to the story: So she’ll end up leaving at like 7:15 because she obviously isn’t paying attention to the time while she’s watching Family Feud. So, yea, that’s where we get it from.


Then there’s my mom. Lord, that woman can procrastinate! She’s smarter than my grandma and I, though. She procrastinates in secret. You won’t know she’s done it.. anymore. Now when I was younger, she wasn’t so good at it. I remember coming home after school and turning on the TV only to find that the cable had been turned off.

“Mom!” I’d exclaim. “How come the TV’s not working?”

“CRAP!” She’d exclaim. “I forgot!” Then, she run to the phone and call the company.

Now, I used to think it was her memory that was the problem. And it was, but it was also her procrastination. She’d put it off and then forgot about it. She’s gotten better with those type of things, though. Now she pays her bills as soon as she gets paid (I should take notes on that one).


I am the worst of all of us, I think. Being in college has really brought it to my attention. For instance, this week I had a list of about 8 things I had to do for my classes. It’s Thursday and so far only one thing has been done. Well, one and a half because technically I started the second thing.

I’m trying to work on my time-management but it’s hard. You see for the past year-and-a-half, I have only been taking a half course-load. I was dealing with some wicked anxiety and depression and just couldn’t handle a full course-load. So now, it’s my junior year and I don’t know how to manage time.

Sad, right? Nah! I still have good grades. And THAT is why I will continue to do it. Because it ain’t bad if you’re passing! lol

^^^ That’s procrastinator’s logic for ya!



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