Roommate Woes

If you are going to be a freshman next semester
or will be having your roommate experience,
be forewarned that this post may be a bit  scary

I have had many roommate experiences over my college career and I tell ya, only one of them was a good one. I’ve had many types of roommates, but it seems that even when I like them as a person, there’s a catch.


I remember my first time meeting my first roommate. I had moved in early because of a program I was in, so I was actually in bed sleeping when she and her entire family walked in. Talk about embarrassing! I am not cute in the mornings, y’all! Anyway, she seemed like a really sweet girl and once I prettied up, we talked and got along great… until that night.

Her friends came over and they went to a party. They came back at about 2am and were LOUD and drunk. They did this almost every night for a while. To make it worse, her friend hated me for no reason at all and was pretty rude.

One day, later in the semester, my roommate, another friend, and I hung out all night in the lobby of our building. We had so much fun just being silly and laughing our heads off. After that day, her friends ditched her. They just wouldn’t talk to her anymore and her and I ended up becoming the best of friends. Great, right? NOPE! Just a month after we got close, we had to move out of our dorms, because our wing was going to be renovated. I had to get a new roommate.


So after I moved from my old dorm, I roomed with “the crazy girl”. We had a suite style dorm which consisted of 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom. There were four of us total in the suite. When I moved in, it was apparent that the other girls were close and immediately I knew we wouldn’t be friends. That was okay with me. I had friends on campus and didn’t spend much time in the room anyway. I just wanted a civil experience. Tough luck!

The Situation: My roommate and I had the same TV, which meant we has the same remote. One day, I just could not find my remote so I decided I would use hers just to change my channel. I opened the drawer where I knew she kept her remote (wrong, I know) and there, in the drawer, were BOTH remotes! I was fuming! I mean, they were right next to each other so I knew that she knew she had taken mine.  When I confronted on it, she went insane. She called me every curse word in the book, threatened to fight me, and much worse. As a former victim of bullying, I just couldn’t handle having to room with her. I knew her and her friends would just gang up on me and the thought almost gave me a panic attach. Needless to say, I moved out.


The day I met the Clutter Queen will also never leave my mind. My mom helped me move in and the moment we walked in, the smell of sweaty feet and corn chips filled the air. She had clothes everywhere and they were stacked about 3 feet high. I wish I could say I’m exaggerating. She was such a sweet girl and we got along great, but that room was just a mess!

The worst part was the bathroom. The shower had a clear shower curtain and there was black mold going about 3/4 of the way up the curtain. I remember trekking to the gym or my friends’ rooms to take showers. I mean, how can I be clean if I’m showering next to a moldy curtain?!


Okay, these girls were probable THE most annoying roommates I ever had! I had just transferred to a new school and moved into an on campus 4-bedroom apartment. One of my roommates was an RA and the other 2 were best friends from their high school. Those girls were ANNOYING!!! At first we were cool. We weren’t really friends, but not enemies either.

Then one day, I posted on Facebook about them annoying me and they turned into baby demons! Now normally, I could see where they’d be mad, but I had been doing this all the time and they normally liked the statuses and we laughed about it. I really didn’t see their issue.

Now these girls were always leaving the kitchen a mess. They would cook these big dinners for their friends and just leave all the dishes in the sink. One day, they called a Roomie Meeting. They announced that they were tired of people leaving dishes in the sink and that we should have an overnight rule where we can not leave dishes overnight. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I should’ve known then that they would be an issue. Another time, I mistakenly left a Ramen noodle wrapper on the counter. They made this big ordeal about it and wrote a nasty message on our message board. I mean, I guess simply throwing it away was just beyond them.

There were SO many other things these girls did, but that’s just too much to even type.


People have always told me that rooming with your best friend is the worst idea ever. But, I must say that this was my best roommate experience ever. We both knew what got on the others nerves, so we tried our best not to do those things. The only downside was that, because of the birth control I was on, I was going through a really bad time with anxiety and depression. I just wasn’t able to enjoy living with my best friend like I should have.

So yea, having a roommate obviously isn’t for me. I mean, the stats are right there! The odds are not in my favor. 🙂



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